This Wall Sign was fabricated with Aluminum and Illuminated Internally with White LED. This type of Sign is called Reverse Channel Letters. The face of the letters are opaque and the lights will shine on the wall to create Halo lighting. This Sign has been installed in the City of Encino, CA.

Shopping Center Pole Signs are very effective for Retail Shops, Continental Signs Etc. Fabricated and Installed a Double Sided Freestanding Pole Sign for the Encino Oaks Center located at 17300 Ventura Blvd., Encino CA.

Wayfinding Signage is very effective and useful for the public. Continental Signs Etc. fabricates and installs many different Way-Finding Signage throughout Claremont City as well as many other cities.

Projecting Signs offer a Three-Dimensional appeal. Projecting Signs extend your reach into the world and captures attention with multiple angles. Continental Signs Etc. is proud to furnish Interior Signage for 12 Los Angeles County Libraries.

Window Graphics can be installed inside or outside of windows. The graphics can be printed on perforated material in order to see outside and yet not to be seen from outside. This graphic has been installed on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA.

Window Signs are mounted for display on a window and can be viewed from the outside.

Metal is as timeless as our need to communicate with words.


Continental Signs Etc. fabricated and installed a double sided Monument sign

Continental Signs Etc. is proud to present one of the best Monument Signs in the City of Redondo Beach.

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