The feeling a person has about a particular place may be derived from their
experience while in that place. Buildings, open space, trees, sidewalks, roads, Signs and other elements define a place. Successful commercial and residential
projects depend on providing services that create a place which invites people to return time and time again. 

Channel Letters with a combination of front and back lighting - These types of letters can be fabricated with many different kinds of materials.

Continental Signs Etc. will have the honor of creating a visual beauty in the form of a Sign for LA Laser Center. This visual Sign will take the form of a 6’ X 20’ Full Color LED Video Graphic Display. Among all the variations of Signs, this Digital Video Screen will provide in the most dazzling of ways - to get the message across! Display Video Images and Graphics offer customers a new dimension in smart electronic marketing solutions. An innovative Graphic Design system allows displays to be customized and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications, to include Advertising.