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The feeling a person has about a particular place may be derived from their
experience while in that place. Buildings, open space, trees, sidewalks, roads, Signs and other elements define a place. Successful commercial and residential
projects depend on providing services that create a place which invites people to return time and time again. Land use designations, zoning, development standards and design guidelines have been prepared to foster the continued evolution of
Claremont Village as a successful place. To date the Village has provided a
comfortable environment for businesses and residents. It is intended to give one a “sense of place”.

The Claremont Village Sign is a focal point for capturing the attention of the local population as well as from their many visitors. The architectural design and planning efforts of the Claremont Village Sign has made everyone feel welcomed.

Creating a place that identifies is equally important as designing a land use program that works from an economic point of view. Thus, the site planning, land uses, landscaping and architecture must work together to create a “place” that shows a sense of character.
The character of the Village is not defined by a theme or period, but is derived from its pedestrian nature, natural elements such as views of the San Gabriel Mountains, mature trees, river rock details, granite curbs, eclectic and historic architecture, and small town building pattern, rhythm and scale. The overriding intent is to enrich and preserve the Village.

The success of the Village has prompted existing businesses to expand and additional ones to locate in the area. This growth has been occurring with City stewardship through many efforts over the years to guide the Village evolution in a way that maintains its character and vitality.
The zoning designations and design guidelines are one facet of a comprehensive Village specific planning effort and are intended to allow  for the gradual evolution of the Village as a comfortable, vital, and cultural place and Continental Signs Etc. was there every step of the way!
The Claremont Village Sign Project will be a part of the community for years to come, it is important that it contribute in a positive way to the enjoyment of living, working or shopping in the community. The project accommodates the natural features of the site, such as views, trees, pedestrian connections, open space.

The Claremont Village Sign and Continental Signs Etc.  project respects Claremont’s history.   New development that projects a sense of harmony, proportion and balance among its various different components,  and relates to its site and surroundings in a functional and pleasing way.   Continental Signs Etc. has once again gone above and beyond the call of duty to meet the highest standards in creating an atmosphere we all can share and be proud of.

Signs give us direction and guide us most efficiently on how we move in the Village environment.  Continental Signs Etc. has been honored to be a part of the Claremont Village Sign project.

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